Registration - La Scuola Italiana a Londra


To ensure the start of the courses the following conditions must exist:

– The location must have given its availability for the entire school year, and meet the minimum requirements of “health and safety"

– The course must reach a minimum number of students

Registration process

On the next page you will fill in an enrollment form where you can choose the course of interest (location, type of course and level of your child). You can enroll more children during a single sign-up process.
Your first payment will be temporarily withheld (approximately 7 days) until the availability of the course is verified.
When the course becomes active (sufficient number of students and appropriate Health & Safety standards confirmed), your credit card payment will be processed and you will receive an email with your receipt attached.
If the course is not activated, the Managing Body will contact you and suggest another active course nearby. You can then choose to accept or reject the proposal. If you accept, your payment will be processed and an e-mail with your invoice will be sent to you to confirm the registration. If you decline the proposal, the payment will not be processed.