How to enrol - La Scuola Italiana a Londra

How to enrol

How to fill out the registration form

Please follow these simple instructions to register:

1) Download the PDF listing all the courses available and find the course that suits you best (click here).

If you are interested in a location which is not listed, please get in touch by sending an email to

2) Browse the courses on the next page. Start by selecting the course type

  • Primary: for 5-11 yo
  • Medio (Secondary Intermediate): for 11-13 yo
  • GCSE: exam preparation for 13-15 yo
  • A-Level: exam preparation for 15-18 yo

then click on ‘View upcoming dates‘ to see all courses due to start.

3) Select the location that suits you best: if multiple courses run in the same area, don’t forget to double-check the time to pick the right course.

Go back to the timetable in PDF if in doubt (click here).

4) Click on Register to enrol your child(ren). 

When filling out the form, please provide your details first: First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Phone Number refer to parents/carers.

Please make sure to select the right “Child’s Age Group” according to your child’s date of birth AND the course type you selected. The system won’t allow you to register if these conditions don’t match.

Also you will be asked to insert your First Name, Last Name and Email address twice, while filling out the shopping cart and at checkout: please make sure to type the exact same details.

We’d also like to keep you informed about all the activities, courses and events organised by La Scuola Italiana a Londra, such as the brand new Half-term Italian Clubs as well as the Intensive GCSE and A-Level Revision Courses that we’re about to launch. Please make sure to click on the Update preferences button at the end of the form and give us your permission to contact you by flagging the consent check-box.