The Rules of the Road by SIAL

SIAL has been awarded the Gold Level Accreditation for Stars (Sustainable Travel Active Responsible Safe) the travel plan accreditation programme of Transport for London.
Stars rewards schools for their achievements and commitment in promoting and adopting safe and active travel habits.

Road Safety, Transport and the Local Community are of great importance in our school life and form part of our school curriculum.

We see these three points as being of tremendous importance in terms of key life skills: so as to ensure that our children are as safe, informed and equipped as possible so that they may be best placed to respect, appreciate and enjoy the local community and environment.

Each year we introduce a cross-curricular ‘Project’ (linking with Literacy, Drama, Geography, Mathematics etc.) on one or more of these themes and in which the whole school is involved.

In 2015 we were very fortunate to successfully apply to be a part of the FilmSmart programme in partnership with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.  MP Smarter Travel created FilmSmart as a unique way to teach the foundations of filmmaking based on real, environmental or travel subjects that relate directly to children and their school.

Thanks to this programme our children had the opportunity to collaborate and to create a film about the school and the importance of Transport and Road Safety; thus arming them with the tools to explore both this art form and their own creativity and also giving them confidence and a sense of connection to the school.

The Rules of the Road by SIAL:


SIAL by MP Smarter Travel:

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