Our SSI curriculum (Y6, Y7 and Y8) is based upon the statutory requirements of the Italian Ministry of Education, with a greater emphasis on English: 4 hours are dedicated to the learning area of English and, where possible, other learning areas are also integrated with the educational objectives of the English National Curriculum.

trio-square-2Four Teachers, two English mother-tongue and two Italian mother-tongue, work across the three classes, each of them working on specific learning areas: Italian, English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Latin, Religious Education, ICT, PSCHEE (Personal, Social, Citizenship, Health and Economic well-being and Education). French, Sport, Music, Art, DT (Design and Technology, including ICT) are also taught by specialist teachers.

The program is carried out in modules, that is for the core content, in order to avoid repetitions and overlaps. The English language program, being designed for bilingual pupils, is radically different from that employed in Italy and follows the guidelines of the English program, providing continuity with th​e approach employed in our primary school. Latin uses the “living language” teaching method as used by Cambridge University. Crossing every discipline over the three years of SS1 is the acquisition of a method of study and the development of educational concepts necessary for improving the pupils’ ability to communicate with others.

The educational courses are built and based upon the skills, environmental realities and attitudes of each individual pupil. Their personal skills and abilities determine which level of activity they are presented with; there are tailored reinforcement and extension versions too. Their individual attitudes and interests determine the areas of provision and the nature of the activities.

For further information, please see the following documents:

SIAL P.T.O.F. – SSI – 2017-2020 (sorry, this is only available in Italian)

SIAL Curriculum SSI (sorry, this is only available in Italian)

Our Curriculum Policy

Indicazioni Nazionali Curriculo Italiano (sorry, this is only available in Italian)