Our Primary School curriculum is based on the standards set by the Italian Ministry of Education integrated and complemented by the National English Curriculum. The School has therefore a completely bilingual and bicultural curriculum.

Pupils are taught Italian, English, Maths, Science, French, History, Geography, Religious Studies, ICT, Sport, Art, Music and Drama throughout the school. Personal, Social, Health Education, Citizenship and Philosophy for Children also form an integral part of the general curriculum.

SIAL Prospectus 2014 KMP-0552Study skills are naturally incorporated so that the pupils can acquire successful revision techniques, make efficient use of study time and are thoroughly prepared for these public examinations.

The coverage of the school curriculum is divided among the teachers, Italian and English, according to learning area requirements and timetable availability, with those objectives covered in the Italian language later reinforced and covered in the English language and vice versa.

We also have specialist teachers in: Drama, P.E., Art and Music.

A new, purpose-built assessment system has been devised to best complement the curriculum so as to most efficiently record, monitor, report upon and inform each pupil’s ongoing development.
At its most fundamental this system is built upon an assessment of the key objectives from a given Year Group’s curriculum.
With termly assessment points, clear start of year grades and end of year grade targets these assessments are then best-placed to identify, reinforce and support the planning, teaching and consequent learning required to make the very most of each pupil’s potential.

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