Extra Curricular Activities

Children take part in a wide range of activities during the morning or lunch breaks, and following the end of the school day.


Several after-school clubs are offered at the end of the school day between 3pm and 4pm for the EY school or 4pm and 5pm for the Primary school. These clubs help children to socialise, broaden their education and boost their self-confidence and attitudes to learning. After-school clubs include art&craft, fencing, ballet, sports, English for beginners, drama. A confirmed list of clubs available for each term is normally sent out in the first week of the term.

We also have after-school Italian lessons open to children not attending our school. To read more click here.


A wide variety of trips are integrated into the school year. All trips are planned with due regard to the curriculum and great thought and care taken in order for it to be of the utmost benefit to the children and to better complement each year group’s learning.
Frequent visits to the local parks, especially for our EY school, are also an important part of our curriculum.
We also like to encourage visiting teachers to the school. Their experience and professionalism are an invaluable element in the education of children and it is important that the children learn to listen and interact with a variety of people.