“THEY WERE JUST KIDS” a very special photographic and educational project.

“They were just kids” is a very special photographic and educational project..
SIAL has taken part in it for two years in a row: in 2014 with the Reception and in 2015 with Year 2 .

During the project the children had the chance to research key figures and periods in history in a fun and interactive way. After learning about some famous historical characters, they literally put themselves in their shoes for a day and were dressed as the characters in their most famous and recognisable poses.

Many thanks to the three young photographers, who organised and ran the project: Silvia Miotti, Carolina Ubezio and Benedetta Ubezio.

They Were Just Kids 2014:


They Were Just Kids 2015:

“TheyWereJustKids” has two main aims:

  • It is an educational project, helping children get acquainted with history in a unique and fun way.
  • It is an awareness campaign: all these famous characters were, once upon a time, “Just Kids”. And yet, as grown ups, they changed the world they were living in – a world which we cannot now imagine without them.

The project should serve as a reminder to nurture, love and cherish our children and to always help them fulfil their potential. For this reason, each picture will be matched with a phrase, as a keepsake, not only for parents but for all of us, so that we never stop seeking a better way to be close to our children while they grow.

To read more, visit the website: www.theywerejustkids.com